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A minimum order of 100 is required for reprints. Please contact Toni Woodard Thomas, 314 444-1120. All reprints must be prepaid. Prices are as follows:

Size: Standard, 8 ½ X 11

Stock: 70lb glossy, both 80lb and 100lb are available at additional cost

Ordering: Reprints may be ordered from issues of the past three years. Articles printed in St. Louis Commerce Magazine more than three years ago can be printed if film is still available. Quantity can’t be changed after order is submitted to printer.

Production: There will be additional charges for film production, stripping, layout and typesetting. All copy and artwork not appearing in the original article is subject to approval by editor.

Turnaround time: Reprints will be available approximately 15 working days after a signed contract and payment are received.

Terms: All reprints must be prepaid. Shipping, handling, production and proofs will be billed after delivery. These additional charges are due 30 days net.