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The RCGA’s Leadership Circle exists to create added membership value by providing a unique and invigorating forum to connect executives of small, medium and large companies to the broad base of public and private sector influential leaders in the St. Louis region.

Jerome Glick

As a veteran St. Louis Realtor and armchair archeologist, Jerome Glick has a passion for moving land, whether he sells 9,000 acres to the Missouri Conservation Commission or explores Maya culture on an on-going archeological expedition in Guatemala. Either way, it’s a jungle out there. Glick launched his one-man shop in 1951 on Chestnut Street’s “real estate row,” where he remembers “property changed hands three times as the elevator went up.”

Today, his value-added real estate business continues to escalate as the 67-year-old mover and shaker buys and sells tracts of land in and around St. Louis, Franklin County, Jefferson County and St. Charles. Glick, who considers himself a “land entrepreneur,” has been instrumental in the development of many commercial and industrial properties, including industrial parks, office buildings, and freestanding, single tenant properties. In addition, Glick has won numerous awards for creative real estate transactions involving farm, urban and transitional land.

Glick currently focuses on “fixing broken wing properties,” such as the renovation of a dilapidated downtown printing building into a state-of-the-art telecommunications hub and the old Post-Dispatch building at 210 Tucker Street, which he and his partners sold both properties for $56 million. Glick’s latest investment is the million-dollar restoration of Raeder Place in Laclede’s Landing, a 120-year-old, six-story tobacco company building that dates back to the construction of nearby Eads Bridge.

“A lot of people want to preserve downtown St. Louis real estate, but don’t go the next step,” he says. “It’s hard to fix up these old buildings and even harder to keep them going unless you have an economic system to do so and tenants have a use for it.”

Glick definitely has the tools to preserve the past, whether he restores the cast-iron front on a local landmark or helps analyze royal tombs in the Yucatan.

What has been your greatest business challenge?

1. “Maintaining momentum, productivity and morale in the work force given the slowdown in business due to the U.S. economic downturn.” —Peter Desloge, Chairman & CEO,Watlow Electric Co.

2. “Maintaining steady growth of the company despite the nature of the IT recruiting industry.” —Betsy Ferguson, President & CEO, Applied Data Systems

3. “Achieving smart growth has always been a challenge for companies of our size. Several years ago, in response to client needs, we added new capabilities and staff to provide design and construction services to our clients. It was a risky plan, but it was a plan that paid off — repeat clients are pleased that they can turn to us as a trusted partner for all of the design and construction services they need.” —Ralph Korte, Chairman, The Korte Company

4. “Learning to keep calm about small setbacks and keep focused on the long-range goal.” —Alfred Kerth III, President, Eads Center



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